My name is Marta and I’m an illustrator and scenographer born and based in Madrid. I spent a year living in Finland thanks to an Erasmus grant and I miss it a lot. I create illustrations for clients such as Principia Magazine, Mil Coeditores or Eater.com among others. I also work at a small bookstore and teach collage workshops.


One of my early approaches to creativity was at preschool when I decided to change the ink pads from the marker pens so every pen had a different color inside, that was fun! I wanted to be a painter, I was told that it was better to build houses than to draw them so I went to Architecture School until I realised that I preferred to imagine other kinds of spaces. I worked as an interior designer and scenographer for some years.


It wasn’t until I attended a graphic design course to improve my skills that I discovered my taste for collage and realised that illustration was what I was looking for. I spent all my childhood surrounded by beautifully illustrated books but never occurred to me that this was a real job.


I like to experiment with different techniques such as collage, watercolor, colored pencils and mixing analog and digital mediums. I love handmade textures and the warmth they give to digital work.


When I’m not working, I enjoy reading fantasy novels, classics, comics, essays about nutrition or creativity, watching classic movies and netflix, knitting or crocheting. Visiting flea markets looking for old books and magazines for my collages. I don’t like hot weather or loud and crowded places. I’d rather be in the countryside than in a big city, so I get out of Madrid everytime I can. I like autumn and its colours, white winters and a nice warm fireplace. I would have a hard time without chocolate or cheese and I love to pet my dog Ringo.



Illustration, Artediez, Madrid, Spain. 2017-19.
Graphic design, Mr. Marcel School, Madrid, Spain. 2015.

Costume design, Erasmus, MAMK, Savonlinna, Finland. 2010-11.
Stage design, RESAD, Madrid, Spain. 2008-12.
Interior design, IED, Madrid, Spain. 2005-07.
Architecture, ETSAM, Madrid, Spain. 2001-04.




10 Illustrators, APIM, Madrid Design Festival,Hotel ME Madrid, Spain. Feb. 2020
Madrid, Hybrid Festival, Siroco Fast Expos, Madrid. Spain. Sep. 2019
Juntas podemos cambiar el mundo, La Recova Midcentury, Madrid, Spain. Mar. 2019
egagrópila, Tipos Infames, Madrid, Spain. Jul. – Aug. 2018
Miradas en femenino, Mulafest, Madrid, Spain. Jun. 2018
Art Skills, Madrid, Spain. May 2018
Grupo h, Europa 20, Madrid, Spain. May 2017
Postales desde el limbo, Zaragoza, Spain. Nov. 2016
Los artistas del barrio, La Nada, Madrid, Spain. Apr. 2016


Features and publications:


Luces de Bohemia. Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, 2018.

Romancero gitano, Federico García Lorca. Mil Coeditores, 2017.
Mujeres que cortan y pegan. Godartlab.com 2017
egagrópila. Angie Martín and Marta Quijano, 2016.
Annual 2016, Collage Collective Co.